Sept 15, 2021 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

10:00 am Opening session Maurizio Pompili

Chairman: Paolo Girardi

10:40 am The return of catatonia at the time of COVID-19 Liliana Dell’Osso

11:00 am Resilience and natural disasters: the lesson for the COVID-19 pandemic Alessandro Rossi

11:20 am Ethics, mental health and the pandemic Bernardo Carpiniello

Session: focus on medical - legal issues

Chairman: Stefano Ferracuti

11:50 am The patient's suicide and the professional liability of the psychiatrist Liliana Lorettu

12:10 am The management of suicide risk between guidelines and the real world Serafino De Giorgi

12:30 am Discussion

1:00 pm Closing session


Bernardo Carpiniello (Cagliari), Serafino De Giorgi (Lecce),

Liliana Dell’Osso (Pisa), Stefano Ferracuti (Roma),

Paolo Girardi (Roma), Liliana Lorettu (Sassari),

Maurizio Pompili (Roma), Alessandro Rossi (L’Aquila)