Sept 16, 2021 from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm

10:00 am Opening session Maurizio Pompili

10:10 am Inflamed mind: Focusing on novel neuroinflammatory biomarkers and targets in understanding and managing suicide Xenia Gonda

Chairman: Patrizia Zeppegno

10:40 am Examination of lethality in suicide attempts Isabella Berardelli

10:55 am From the maternity blues to perinatal depression: results of a longitudinal study Mario Luciano

11:10 am Efficacy in suicidal risk; comparison between clozapine and other drugs indicated in the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder Alberto Forte

11:25 am Neuroanatomical and neurofunctional correlates of suicide risk Antonio Del Casale

11:40 am The suicidal risk in adolescents in the COVID-19 pandemic Anna Comparelli

11:55 am Suicide attempt in the elderly: peculiarities of risk factors and therapeutic approaches

Carla Gramaglia

12:10 pm Cognitive rehabilitation in severe mental disorders: focus on new technologies Stefano Barlati

Rounde table – Early career psychiatrists, Italian Society of Psichiatry

Chairperson: Gaia Sampogna, Claudia Palumbo

12:30 pm Environmental pollutants as risk factors for suicide and suicidal behaviors Giulia Menculini

12:40 pm The role of NPS in the risk of self-injurious behavior in adolescence Laura Orsolini

12:50 pm The risk of suicide in patients with first-episode psychosis Valeria Giannunzio

1:00 pm Cannabidiol, psychotic onset and self-injurious behaviors Ilaria Riboldi

1:10 pm Migration and suicidality: state of the art and future perspectives Antonio Ventriglio

1:20 pm Discussion

1:30 pm Closing session


Stefano Barlati (Brescia), Isabella Berardelli (Roma), Anna Comparelli (Roma),

Antonio Del Casale (Roma), Alberto Forte (Roma), Valeria Giannunzio (Padova),

Xenia Gonda (Ungheria), Carla Gramaglia (Novara), Mario Luciano (Napoli),

Giulia Menculini (Perugia), Laura Orsolini (Ancona), Claudia Palumbo (Bergamo),

Maurizio Pompili (Roma), Ilaria Riboldi (Milano), Gaia Sampogna (Napoli),

Antonio Ventriglio (Foggia), Patrizia Zeppegno (Novara)