Sept. 12, 2022 from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm (GMT +2)

10:00 am Welcome Maurizio Pompili

Chairperson: Patrizia Zeppegno

10:10 am Focus on neuroinflammatory biomarkers for the understanding and management of suicide Xenia Gonda

10:40 am How to improve physical health in patients with severe mental disorders Gaia Sampogna

10:55 am Support for the Mind At The Right Time (SMART HELP): a new perspective to support the suicidal crisis Isabella Berardelli

11:10 am Suicide risk following hospital discharge Alberto Forte

11:25 am Genomic correlates of suicide risk Antonio Del Casale

11:40 am The neuropsychological profile in suicide risk: a transnosographic perspective Anna Comparelli

11:55 am Role of affective temperaments in the long-term course of bipolar disorder Mario Luciano

12:10 pm Neurological disorders and suicide: from neurobiology to Hopelessness Alessandra Costanza

12:25 pm ADHD in bipolar disorder: clinical impact and suicide risk Francesco Bartoli

12:40 pm Discussion

1:00 pm Closing of the Session


Francesco Bartoli (Monza), Isabella Berardelli (Roma), Anna Comparelli (Roma), Alessandra Costanza (Svizzera), Antonio Del Casale (Roma), Alberto Forte (Roma), Xenia Gonda (Ungheria), Mario Luciano (Napoli), Maurizio Pompili (Roma), Gaia Sampogna (Napoli), Patrizia Zeppegno (Novara)