Sept. 17, 2022 from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm (GMT +2)

10:00 am Welcome Maurizio Pompili

Chairpersons: Giorgio Di Lorenzo, Gianluca Rosso

10:10 am ADHD and suicide risk Giancarlo Giupponi

10:25 am Happiness and subjective well-being in schizophrenia Giuseppe Carrà

10:40 am Antidepressants: prolonged therapy or treatment discontinuation? Umberto Albert

10:55 am Alexithymia, burnout and hopelessness in a large sample of health professionals during the third wave of COVID Domenico De Berardis

11:10 am Bereavement and prolonged grief disorder Claudia Carmassi

11:25 am Suicide attempt and acute psychiatric intervention - Risk factors and reasons for living Carla Gramaglia

11:40 am COVID pandemic depression and anxiety Stefano Barlati

11:55 am Depression and suicidality after hospitalisation for COVID in the first year of the pandemic Lorenzo Tarsitani

12:10 pm Let’s talk about mental health Testimony of young survivors (Gruppo Tuttoannodato)

12:30 pm Conclusions

1:00 pm Closing of the Symposium


Umberto Albert (Trieste), Stefano Barlati (Brescia), Claudia Carmassi (Pisa), Giuseppe Carrà (Milano), Domenico De Berardis (Teramo), Giorgio Di Lorenzo (Roma), Giancarlo Giupponi (Bolzano), Carla Gramaglia (Novara), Maurizio Pompili (Roma), Gianluca Rosso (Torino), Lorenzo Tarsitani (Roma)