Sept 18, 2021 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

10:00 am Opening session Maurizio Pompili

Special lecture

10:10 am Suicide: is it more easy to prevent than to predict it? Zoltan Rihmer

Chairman: Giorgio Di Lorenzo

10:30 am Digital addictions in modern society Umberto Volpe

10:45 am Mixed symptoms and suicide Giuseppe Carrà

11:00 am Staging models in bipolar disorder and their application Bernardo Dell’Osso

11:15 am Psychopathological repercussions in health workers during the third wave of COVID-19:

a study at the ASL of Teramo Domenico De Berardis

11:30 am Post traumatic stress reactions in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic Claudia Carmassi

Special lecture

11:45 am Mental and cognitive factors in suicidal behaviors Marco Innamorati

12:10 pm Discussion

12:30 pm Closing session


Claudia Carmassi (Pisa), Giuseppe Carrà (Milano),

Domenico De Berardis (Teramo), Bernardo Dell’Osso (Milano),

Giorgio Di Lorenzo (Roma), Marco Innamorati (Roma),

Maurizio Pompili (Roma), Zoltan Rihmer (Ungheria), Umberto Volpe (Ancona)