International Symposium on Suicidology and Public Health

Rome, September 12-13, 2023


    9.00 am Registration of participants

10.00 am Opening Remarks Maurizio Pompili

          Chairpersons: Diego De Leo (Padoa), Zoltan Rihmer (Budapest)

10.30 am Suicide prevention in different cultures Dorian A. Lamis (Atlanta)

11.00 am Towards a new suicide prevention approach Anthony R. Pisani (Rochester)

11.30 am Suicide prevention: from neurobiology to psychopharmacology Xenia Gonda (Budapest)

12.00 pm Communicating and coping with suicide bereavement Diego De Leo (Padoa)

12.20 pm Reducing suicide risk with the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS)

          Kelly Posner (New York)

12.40 pm Break


Magnificent Rector of the Sapienza University of Rome Antonella Polimeni

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome Erino A. Rendina

Director General of the Sant'Andrea University Hospital Daniela Donetti


Keynote Address

02.20 pm The future of psychiatric therapies: beyond new drugs and psychotherapies Mario Maj (Naples)


Lifetime Achievement award

02.50 pm Psychopharmacology: past, present and future Stephen M. Stahl (San Diego)


Lifetime Achievement award

03.35 pm Introduced and moderated by: Vittorio Lingiardi (Rome)

Psychotherapy for severe personality disorders with suicide risk

Otto. F. Kernberg (New York)



Chairpersons: Bernardo Carpiniello (Cagliari), Antonio Vita (Brescia)

04.20 pm Understanding depression between past and future perspectives Andrea Fiorillo (Naples)

04.40 pm “Emotional blunting” and anhedonia in major depression: functioning, well-being and therapeutic 

          perspectives Andrea Fagiolini (Siena)

05.00 pm Therapeutic perspectives in schizophrenia with long-acting injectable antipsychotics 

          Christoph Correll (Berlin, New York)

05.20 pm Treatment of major depressive disorder with Esketamine: between treatment resistance and  

          psychiatric emergency management Philip Gorwood (Paris)

05.40 pm Lithium in the new millennium: efficacy, safety and suicide prevention Michael Bauer (Dresda)

06.00 pm Conclusions and closing remarks Maurizio Pompili (Rome)


8.45 am Institutional Greetings

        President Italian Society of Psychiatry Emi Bondi, Liliana Dell'Osso


Chairpersons: Massimo Pasquini (Rome), Alessandro Rossi (L'Aquila)

9.10 am Suicidality in the autistic - catatonic continuum Liliana Dell'Osso (Pisa)

9.30 am Why do we lie? Psychopathology of lying Alberto Siracusano (Rome)

9.50 am The Person at the centre in suicide prevention Maurizio Pompili (Rome)


Understanding survivors

10.10 am "La vita di chi resta" dialogue with the author Matteo B. Bianchi


11.10 am Break


          Chairpersons: Serafino De Giorgi (Lecce), Marco Sarchiapone (Campobasso)

11.40 am Treatment of schizophrenia: from disease onset to maintenance Antonio Vita (Brescia)

12.10 pm Is it possible to find reliable biomarkers to diagnose suicide risk? Mario Amore (Genoa)

12.30 pm Seasonality and psychiatric emergencies Giuseppe Maina (Turin)

12.50 pm Break


          Chairpersons: Giorgio Di Lorenzo (Rome), Umberto Volpe (Ancona)

02.00 pm The impact of affective temperaments associated with the disease Gabriele Sani (Rome)

02.15 pm Staging models and suicide risk Bernardo Dell'Osso (Milan)

02.30 pm Perinatal depression and therapeutic perspectives Cinzia Niolu (Rome)

02.45 pm Neuroinflammation in non-affective affective psychosis: what is the role of NK cells?

          Gianluca Serafini (Genoa)

03.00 pm Aggressiveness and suicidality in OCD Umberto Albert (Trieste)

03.15 pm Suicide risk, life expectancy and functioning in schizophrenia: the role of partial agonists

         Giovanni Martinotti (Chieti)


Special lecture

03.35 pm Depression and mental pain: similarities and differences Marco Innamorati (Rome)


03.50 pm Meet the expert Stefano Ferracuti (Rome)


Chairpersons: Gloria Angeletti (Rome), Lorenzo Tarsitani (Rome)

04.10 pm Aging, ageism and the prevention of suicide in the elderly 

          Patrizia Zeppegno (Novara), Carla Gramaglia (Novara)

04.25 pm The anxiety-depressive dimension in post-Covid Giuseppe Carrà (Milan)

04.40 pm Anxiety, depression and traumatic events Claudia Carmassi (Pisa)

04.55 pm Social networks and suicidal behaviour Domenico De Berardis (Teramo)

05.10 pm Poster Award Ceremony Andrea Amerio (Genoa), Isabella Berardelli (Rome)

         Antonio Del Casale (Rome), Gaia Sampogna (Naples)

05.40 pm Conclusions and closing remarks Maurizio Pompili